kiss creatures on the road
Friday, July 19, 2002



Latest Life-Like KISS Figures Ready to Rock Stores

July 19, 2002

McFarlane Toys' latest in our ongoing series of the hottest band in the world is set to ship to retailers. KISS Creatures uses the band's Creatures of the Night look as reference to create an original new series of figures.

THE DEMON is hunched over in his armor-like gear and claw-toed boots. His ax-shaped bass guitar is included in the package.
THE STARCHILD is rocking out in full pout in his feathery, bare-chested suit. His guitar, microphone, mic stand and base are included in the package.
THE SPACE ACE strums to an intergalactic power in his flowing silver and blue uniform. He includes a guitar.
THE FOX has a fur-tufted suit with cape and includes a small selection of drums, stool and sticks. The full drum kit is only available in the Creatures deluxe boxed set. Click here for more details on that.

    KISS Creatures is set to ship from our warehouse and should be on store shelves in early July.