todd, terry fitzgerald characters in mlb slugfest 20-03
Friday, July 26, 2002



Secret Codes Unlock Players in New Midway Games Release

July 26, 2002


The secret is finally out.

    Todd McFarlane is not real. He and Terry Fitzgerald, president of Todd McFarlane Entertainment, are actually computer-generated images. At least that's the case in Midway Sports' new release MLB SlugFest 20-03.

    The game, which is currently available on PlayStation 2, and will release for Nintendo GameCube and Xbox platforms in September, features real Major League Baseball players, teams and stadiums.

    According to Midway: "SlugFest is the first and only baseball video game to deliver over-the-top adrenaline-style game play action." The game features enormous muscle-bound athletes who take to the field and perform incredible defensive plays, including acrobatic diving catches and turbo-powered throws. The game uses advanced motion capture technology to clearly detail each player's facial expressions and reactions. The animations are so precise that gamers can view players chewing gum as well as talking to and cheering on their teammates. At the plate, gamers can dig-in and unleash a mammoth blast out of the park or set a team "on fire" by staging a dramatic, improbable comeback rally.

    So how does someone end up as an in-game character?

    "I've known Mark Flitman, the game's producer, for about eight years, back when we worked together on the Spawn Super Nintendo game," Fitzgerald said. "We've kept in touch and he's a huge Spawn fan. When he moved to Midway and started producing sports games, we started talking about how everyone likes hidden characters. We even discussed a few options that never worked out. One day he called me and asked if Todd and I wanted to be hidden characters. How do you say 'no' to that?"

    Flitman flew to Phoenix last year and took digital photos of Todd and Terry's faces from all angles. "The next thing I know we've got images of us coming in via e-mail, and then the game came out a couple months ago," Terry said. "It's pretty surreal playing yourself, especially when everyone on the team is also you."

    "I've known Todd and Terry for close to 10 years, and I've always wanted to do a game with them," said Flitman. "The next best thing was to stick them in a game I was working on. I know that Todd's a major baseball fan, so this was perfect for him and for Terry. I'm glad that this game came out so well, and is really selling well, too."

    According to Terry, his in-game body structure is much better than Todd's. "I'm better built, he's more wispy. Todd tiny, Terry big."


Here are the PS2 Secret Codes to unlock Todd and Terry:

2-2-2 Right - Todd

3-3-3 Right - Terry

2-0-0 Right - Big Head

    When you unlock the characters, Todd plays as an Arizona Diamondback and Terry dons a Seattle Mariners uniform. Todd picked because the D'backs he lives in the Phoenix area and is big supporter of the local team. Terry picked Seattle because he lived in Vancouver, BC and Portland, Ore., for a number of years and they were the closest team. "I liked them even back in the '80s when they had that ugly upside down trident logo." Both Todd and Terry can be played in big-head, small-head and normal head sizes.

    To add to the authentic baseball delivered in the game, five-time MLB All-Star Alex Rodriguez appears on the package cover and other advertising materials for the game. Entering his seventh full Major League Baseball season, the Texas Rangers shortstop also consulted with the development team on the game.

    "This is an exciting opportunity for Major League Baseball to not only enhance our product mix, but also to expose us to a whole new audience," said Carolann Dunn, senior director of licensing, Major League Baseball.

    For more information about the game, click here.