1999: a toy year for the whole family?
Thursday, December 09, 1999


1999: A Toy Year for the Whole Family?

McFarlane Toys Becomes More Than a Sum of its Spawn Parts

December 3, 1999

McFarlane Toys' action figures have been called "the most warped," "scariest," "best horror/fantasy," and are perhaps best represented by the award-winning Spawn lines. But in 1999, McFarlane Toys broke the, er, mold by releasing several action figure lines based on licensed characters from the Beatle's Yellow Submarine, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and Sleepy Hollow. Even Techno Spawn, the latest Spawn series featuring hybrid animal figures, is being bought as much by kids and parents wanting something unique for the holiday season as by traditional Spawn fans.

    This year has seen initial and complete sellouts of a number of different figure lines: Sleepy Hollow, Yellow Submarine, Metal Gear Solid, some Austin Powers figures, KISS Psycho Circus and more. Movie Maniacs II, now nearly sold-out, is like most McFarlane Toys figures: Hard to find soon after they hit store shelves.

    What makes 1999 different? Our research shows that McFarlane Toys are typically bought by males between 15 and 35; but many collectible figures released this year have been purchased by guys older than 35. Characters first seen in the late 1960s and early '70s, such as the Beatles figures from Yellow Submarine, and Movie Maniacs characters Michael Myers from Halloween and Norman Bates from Psycho all appeal strongly to people in their 30s and older. And women of all ages have been buying figures from this summer's box office smash Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me as well as Yellow Submarine and the first-ever likeness of Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane from the current hit Sleepy Hollow.

    While McFarlane Toys won't be forgetting its roots, look for more figures to break the mold and more of what has made the company famous, from classic rock stars to popular comedy, horror and cult movie figures, and kids characters.

    More on the Year 2000 McFarlane Toys figures will be available here in future updates.

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