mcfarlane toys rocks out
Monday, January 31, 2000


McFarlane Toys Rocks Out

Nov. 26, 1999

Todd McFarlane is no stranger to the music industry, what with his involvement in the Pearl Jam "Do the Evolution" video and his award-winning work on the Korn "Freak on a Leash" video and "Follow the Leader" album art.

    McFarlane has taken his involvement further, though, with the McFarlane Toys line of rock 'n' roll action figures. An Ozzy Osbourne figure and two wildly popular lines of KISS figures were released in 1999.

    McFarlane Toys looks both forward and back in 2000 with the additions of heavy metal hero Rob Zombie, '60s icon Janis Joplin and horror rock legend Alice Cooper to the figure fold.

    First up, expected in stores in spring 2000, is the Zombie figure, fully articulated and detailed right down to the dreadlocks. The figure comes with a skull and stone base and a Zombie diorama.

    "What we're trying to convey with him, just like we did with Ozzy, is just to sort of go, 'Who is Rob Zombie?' He's a freak, too, right? And you've just got to capture the freak part of it,," McFarlane recently told MTV News.

    Both the Cooper and Joplin figures will follow later in 2000.