mcfarlane teams up with origin systems for ultima online 2
Thursday, December 23, 1999


McFarlane Teams Up With ORIGIN Systems for Ultima Online 2

Todd McFarlane Conceptualizes Characters for New Virtual World

December 23, 1999

Ultima Online, with hundreds of thousands of active players, has set the standard for online multiplayer role-playing worlds in its two years of existence. Now ORIGIN, the game's creator, is upping the ante with Ultima Online 2, set for a winter 2000 release. Todd McFarlane is conceptualizing some of the characters for the new game, several of which will be released in a line of action figures in the fall of 2000.

    Ultima Online 2 will feature a next generation 3D engine and beautiful animation (created with state-of-the-art motion capture technology). Like the original Ultima Online, community building will be a top priority. UO2 will feature a full suite of community building tools including robust communication software, a comprehensive party/guild system, diverse player-owned property and detailed character customization to ensure that a thriving community emerges.

    Terry Fitzgerald, president of McFarlane Entertainment, in a recent interview with GameWeek magazine said, "We sat down with Origin and said, we think the original Ultima Online is cool. It definitely has a broad appeal around the world and is played by thousands of people everyday."

    So this set the stage for what could become one of the great partnerships in the online entertainment industry. Combining Todd's creative mind with the online experts at ORIGIN will help make Ultima Online 2 the digital playground of the new millennium.