more "best of '99" lists
Wednesday, December 29, 1999


More "Best of '99" Lists

McFarlane Toys Dominates Wizard Magazine List

December 23, 1999

  Best of '99
 BEST OF '99

Fresh off our Toyfare magazine and Rev. Rose Warped Toys lists, McFarlane Toys cleans house in the January edition of Wizard magazine.

    In the mag's best toys of '99 list, McFarlane toys won seven out of the 10 spots. That's batting .700, baby, where are the Major League contracts?

    Making the list were: Dr. Evil (Austin Powers Series I), Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid), The Crow (Movie Maniacs II), Sydney Savage (Danger Girl), Sin City Marv, Headless Horseman box set (Sleepy Hollow) and Mandarin Spawn (Spawn Series 14).

    Also in the January issue is an interesting, sometimes controversial look at the history of Image Comics, with a lot of insider background on the company and the six individuals that founded the Image imprint.

All the toys mentioned above can be seen in the McFarlane Toys Current Projects section.