And Don't Forget the Deluxe Boxed Edition
Friday, September 27, 2002

The great weight has been lifted. The secret is a secret no longer. McFarlane Toys will release R3 versions - resculpted, repainted, revisited - of Spawn Series 22, Dark Ages Spawn: The Viking Age.

This R3 series will be released roughly in concert with the Series 22 deluxe boxed edition, Spawn the Bloodaxe and Thunderhoof.

First, the boxed set details. Spawn the Bloodaxe is 7 3/4 inches tall to the top of his helmet. He's articulated at the neck (ball joint), shoulders (double ball joints), upper arms, elbows (angle joints), wrists, chest (ball joint), waist, hips (ball joints), thighs, knees, shins, right ankle and right toes; total of 23 points of articulation. His accessories include full battle armor, handheld mace and shield. This figure is a different sculpt than is available in the regular Series 22 or R3 lines and is articulated to stand on its own or ride Thunderhoof.

Thunderhoof, Bloodaxe's war horse, is 8 inches tall to top of his headdress and 11 inches long. He's articulated at the neck, shoulders, elbows, front ankles, hips, rear ankles and tail; total of 12 points of articulation. He includes a full riding saddle and battle dress.

Look for the Series 22 deluxe boxed set in stores in late September.

Now the R3s.

Each of the six figures in the regular Series 22 assortment has an R3 alter-ego. Each has a completely fresh head sculpt and new paint application. The packaging is also slightly different and has the R3 logo. All figure sizes and joints remain the same.

New head sculpt and war helmet. Axe is golden with dried blood accent. Costume features grayish pants with maroon and black highlights.

New head sculpt with winged war helmet. Complete uniform, shield and weapons now in bronze highlight vs. previous metallic gray.

New head sculpt featuring red hair (with a ponytail and braid) instead of blonde and different headdress. Uniform highlights are now brown and silver, instead of bronze and sky blue.

New head sculpt with full war helmet. Battle armor now highlighted in metallic gray, reddish-brown and verdigris. Weapons are bloodied.

New head sculpt with helmet and eyepatch. Uniform highlights are now sky blue and black. Blood splatter on shield and battle sword.

New head sculpt. Skin color changed from gray to light brown. Uniform highlights now taupe color with bluish-green accent.

The R3 versions of Spawn Series 22 will be available to all retailers and should be on shelves in early October.